Eagle 3.0

Eagle 3.0Albireo’s Eagle 3.0 is a Map Server which serves vector map data to various clients like, web browsers, thin clients for cell phones, Windows Mobile and Windows CE.

Albireo’s Eagle has unique rendering tactics to serve compressed vector map data securely. It consumes proprietary format vector data and streams it to various client platforms like web browsers and mobile phones which then renders map locally according to display parameters.

Eagle 3.0Eagle 3.0Eagle possesses various enterprise GIS tools:

  • Network Analysis
  • Proximity search
  • Geo-processing
  • Decision tools
  • Map query
  • Live Editing
  • Feature creation tools

Eagle 3.0 has rich Map Authoring service back bone, which allows map creation as a map service, allowing one to create map service from scratch using his own map data and define his own thematic and user experience thus creating a way to on demand mapping.

Eagle 3.0 exposes APIs for developers to customize it further.